The center offers 4 different types of classes, always within the Ashtanga. All of them are geared to the same target and coverge in it essence. We have made certain variations in order to allow different types of work, according to the apprentice's expertise, abillity, time and mood:

Mysore: eThis is the traditional and most widespread practice. Here, apprentices already know the series fundamentals and perform it individually, at their own pace and monitored by the teachr, who helps all of them.
Apprentices benefit themselves by developing their own pace and explore, as the wish, the positions of the series they find more difficult. Time: up to 120'. As a benefit, students are able to show up any time in between those 120'.
Led: The teacher sets movement lead and breathing (vinyasa), form the beginning to the end of the series. This is the traditional practice. Led classes creates tension. which helps the series not to fade. Time in compressed, thus stressing both flow and peace. The result is a highly focused and vigorous practice. Time 90'.
Full Vinyasa: Full Vinyasa here the series is fully deployed. while it is traditional, this mode is not very practiced due to its demand. The series is fully performed, i.e, each sana is followed by a suryanamaskar, or grat sun saludation. Of course, the effect on the body is very different from that of the other practices. Time: 105'
Intro A and B Intro A and B: This class is geared towards thouse who have no previous experience with the Ashtanga Vinyasa. The series fundamentals are carefully explained. In order to take the most out of the other classes, we suggest that those who are not very familiar with this practice should take Beginners, at least, for a month. It is a 1:30 minute class.
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