While it literally means "sequence", gradual progress from one stage to the following one, we may add that:

It is a series of postures linked by breathing, with an accurate sequence of movements to go into and out of each posture. This creates and maintains dynamic tension.
Breathing is ujjai throughout the practice. This creates inner heat.
The look is expressly fixed on specific points, generally the frown and the tip of the nose, which helps focus the mind, in addition to activating both centers. This creates focus
The Mula bandha, or perineum lock, which seals the body and prevents energy dissipation, is applied.
Therefore, with breathingas themajor generator, the energy begins to flow throughout the body. This creates the movement of the prana.

It is a full practice which, though constant and humble exercise, will lead us to onother place, far less explored: the real self.

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