During the 90's he practised with Richard Freeman, Sarath, Chuck Miller and Lino Miele. With time he understood the idea of "your Practice is your Guru" Currently, he is the director of the Centro de Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga where he also teaches.
Besides, he presents workshops around the country.


The Practice Place in Crete is where she first started practising and where she learned from Derek, Radha and Pierre.
She also received tuition from Gingi Lee at the Sangam Yoga Studio in London. Her classes are strong and lays emphasis on the flow of movement. She is also a part time official shiatsu masseur of Cirque du Soleil


Trained at this Center, she teaches Ashtanga as of the beginnig of 2007. Her classes are smooth although the consistency present in Ashtanga yoga still remains. She s also an experimented dancer and theatre actress.


Born in Cordoba and trained at the Center, Luciana has been giving classes since late 2007.

Whatsapp: 011 3589 9228