One of the essential commitments of this Center is to enlarge the horizon of every Yoga apprentice.

For that purpose we have devised some Workshops where, in addition to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Intensive Practice, we teach some of the various yoga practices. Moreover, we organize events, inviting masters from other yoga branches to bring in a different perspective and focus, since, all in all, yoga ultimate goal is to expand awarenes

Over the years we have been able to emjoy the presence of masters such as Swarmi Janakananda (Denmark), Swami Digambar (Spain), Swami Ekananda (Chile), Swami Shankardev (Australia), etc.

Two annual retreats have been run throughthe year 2009.
XIV New Year's Eve Retreat, 2021

December, from Saturday 4 to Sunday 12. Call whatsapp 011 3589 9228

Whatsapp: 011 3589 9228